In most cases, the answer to this question is no. You should not engage in direct conversations with the other driver who may have caused your accident on I-94, I-43, or another Milwaukee road.

Why Not?

It might seem like the easiest way to settle your accident case and move on with your life is to talk directly with the other driver involved in the crash. However, the other driver may not be in a position to settle your claim. If you have been seriously hurt, then it is unlikely that the other driver can afford to pay for your damages without the help of his or her insurance company. Yet, anything that you say to the other driver could later be used against you in settlement negotiations with the insurance company.

Accordingly, in most cases there is little, if anything, to gain from speaking directly with another driver involved in your accident. Yet there may be exceptions to that general rule. For example, if the other driver is a relative or friend, then you may have personal reasons for talking to the driver that are not directly related to the accident. In these cases, it is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer before talking to the other driver so that you can get advice about what you should—and should not—say.

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