Whether you are a relative, a doctor, or just a concerned citizen, you have the right to request an evaluation of a driver whose skills you think has diminished skills that affect his driving. While you may be reluctant to be the one who brings a driver to the attention of the Iowa Department of Transportation, the referral that you make could prevent a terrible and deadly car accident.

What Happens When You Make a Report

When you make a report, it does not mean that the driver will automatically lose his license. Instead, the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Driver Services will review your request and determine whether or not the driver needs to be evaluated. If the Office of Driver Services decides that the driver does not need to be evaluated, then the matter is closed and the driver keeps his license. However, if the Office of Driver Services decides that an evaluation is necessary, then the driver may be required to take the appropriate tests.

If a driver refuses to take the tests or fails the tests, then his Iowa license will be suspended. The driver may have the option of retaking the test or appealing the Office of Driver Services decision.

You have the right to report anyone—regardless of age—if you think he or she has a physical or mental impairment that makes it unsafe for that person to drive. Please contact the Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Driver Services for more information, and please share this article on Facebook or Twitter to let others know the importance of reporting a driver who may no longer be safe on the road.

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