Yes. If you are injured by a negligent driver, you have a right to request that the driver (or his insurance carrier) pay for any economic losses that resulted from the car accident. This includes any wages that you were not paid because of your injuries. The lost income damages will be added to your economic damages along with compensation for your medical expenses, property damage and pain and suffering.

In order to receive compensation for lost income, you will have to provide documentation. In most cases, this is easy to do. You need a letter from your employer listing the number of hours of work you missed due to your injury (or medical appointments) and the amount you would have been paid had you worked those hours.

If you are self-employed, providing documentation of lost income is more difficult. You will have to gather evidence of contracts or work orders that you weren’t able to complete because of your injury. You may also use past invoices or your past tax returns to estimate this amount. Your accident attorney will be able to help you come up with an approximation of your lost income.

The insurance company won’t offer the lost income compensation. You have to ask for it.

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