IVC Filters Have Many Risks and Have Caused Serious Injuries

In addition to getting the necessary medical care to treat your physical injury, you should take the necessary steps to protect your legal and financial recovery.

The First Step to Getting a Legal Recovery for an IVC Injury Is Understanding Your Legal Rights

Many medical devices, including IVC filters, have risks. You and your doctor weighed those risks before you consented to the medical procedure and decided that the potential health benefits of having an IVC filter implanted in your inferior vena cava vein outweighed the known risks. However, you still suffered a significant injury because the device:

  • Moved or shifted within the inferior vena cava.
  • Broke apart.
  • Moved from the inferior vena cava to the heart or lungs.
  • Cut the inferior vena cava.

Other people who have suffered injuries have alleged that IVC filter manufacturers:

  • Negligently designed the filters.
  • Failed to warn patients, doctors, and the public of the above risks which were known or should have been known to the device manufacturer.

As of June 2018, more than 8,000 lawsuits against IVC filter manufacturers such as C.R. Bard and Cook Medical were pending in multidistrict litigation (MDL).

You may have a claim for the negligent design of your IVC filter or negligent warning about your IVC filter if you suffered an injury.

The Next Step Is to Contact an Illinois IVC Injury Lawyer

It can be intimidating and difficult to seek a recovery from the pharmaceutical company on your own. An experienced medical device injury lawyer can make sure that all of your rights are protected.

Our lawyers know how to investigate your claim and take the necessary steps to protect your recovery. We can tell you more in a free consultation. We invite you to join us in one of our Illinois offices or, if it is easier, we will come to you. Please contact us online, call us at 800.800.5678, text, or email us today to learn more. You can also download a free copy of our report, IVC Filters: What You Need to Know About Them, to start learning about your rights today.

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