Who are the defendants in an Iowa truck accident case?

The answer to your question depends on the cause of your truck crash. Often people assume, sometimes rightly, that the truck driver caused the accident. The driver could have caused your accident, but the driver might not be the only one responsible for your truck accident injuries.

Possible Truck Crash Defendants

As your truck accident lawyer investigates the cause of your accident, your lawyer will look into what role various parties played in causing the crash. These parties include:

  • The trucker. As mentioned above, the person who was behind the wheel at the time of your accident could have caused your accident. A trucker who is drunk, distracted, or drowsy, for example, could cause a crash.
  • The trucking company. Trucking companies may be liable for negligent truckers they employ, for policies and procedures that encourage unsafe driving, negligent hiring, and failure to train truckers who work for them, if any of these things result in truck accidents.
  • Truck maintenance workers. All vehicles, including trucks, require maintenance. When maintenance workers make mistakes, trucks may not operate as expected, and the mistake could cause a crash.
  • Truck owners. Truck owners who know or should reasonably know that their truck is unsafe may be liable for accident injuries if the truck’s unsafe condition results in a wreck.
  • Truck cargo loaders or owners. Cargo must be safely loaded on the truck, secured, and balanced to prevent an accident.

The evidence will show which of these parties are the right defendants in your truck accident case.

Name the Right Defendants

You can only recover damages from the parties that caused your truck accident. Therefore, it is crucial that all of the evidence be analyzed by experienced Iowa truck accident lawyers before you file a lawsuit.

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