Limousine in Busy Wisconsin Traffic

Someone should pay for the injuries that you sustained in a limo crash, and that someone should not be you. You were a passenger in the limo, and you could not cause or prevent a crash from happening.

Who Could Have Caused the Limo Crash

Every accident is unique, and the potential defendants depend on exactly why the crash occurred. Some of the potential people who may have caused your accident and should, therefore, pay for your injuries include:

  • The limo company. Limousine companies have a duty to provide safe vehicles and qualified drivers for passengers. If a limo company fails to provide a safe vehicle or a qualified driver and an accident occurs then the limo company may be responsible for paying for your injuries.
  • The limo driver. If the limo driver failed to exercise reasonable care, and a crash occurred, then the limo driver could be responsible for paying for your injuries. This could happen if, for example, the limo driver was tired, drunk, distracted, or otherwise negligent.
  • Another driver. Sometimes limo drivers and limo companies do everything right, and a crash still occurs because of the actions of another driver. In these cases, the driver who caused the accident may need to pay your damages.

In some cases, more than one of these parties may have contributed to the crash, and they may share the responsibility to compensate you for your injuries.

Pursue a Recovery From the Right People

Before you begin negotiating a recovery and before you file a personal injury lawsuit in court, it is important to know who caused the crash. If you try to negotiate with the wrong people, then they are unlikely to settle with you. Likewise, if you file a lawsuit against people who did not cause your crash, then your case may be dismissed by the court.

These mistakes can interfere with and delay your fair recovery, but they don’t have to be made. Instead, you can contact an experienced Wisconsin personal injury lawyer today for a free case evaluation. We can help you identify the responsible parties and fight for your fair recovery of medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

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