What did Monsanto know about Roundup’s safety

The question that you ask is a question that is central to any Roundup® cancer injury case. If Monsanto knew that Roundup® was likely to cause cancer and failed to warn the public of that risk, then Monsanto could be legally responsible for injuries that result.

How We Know What Monsanto Knew

There is documentation that shows, at least in part, what Monsanto knew about Roundup® safety and when it learned this information. Together, this documentation is often referred to as the Monsanto Papers. The Monsanto Papers include company texts, emails, internal memoranda, studies, and other documentation.

In recent years, some of the Monsanto Papers have been declassified, and they are now available to the public. While the Monsanto Papers do not provide all of the evidence that you need for a successful Roundup® injury lawsuit, they do raise serious questions about Monsanto’s actions over the years. For example, the documents indicate that:

  • Monsanto ghostwrote its own articles about Roundup® and claimed that independent experts wrote them
  • Monsanto interfered with the peer review of research
  • Monsanto did not disclose information about how glyphosate is absorbed by the human body
  • Monsanto may have influenced the U.S. government’s review of glyphosate safety

There is more information to learn from Monsanto. During the discovery phase of your case, your Roundup® injury lawyer may gather additional documents and testimony that are relevant to your claim.

You have a right to know what Monsanto knew and whether the company failed to provide you with accurate information so that you could protect yourself. You also have a right to recover fair damages for your injuries.

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