X-ray of patient with dental damage after a car accident

Dental injuries can be scary. You are facing significant expenses, excruciating pain, and time away from your work and your daily activities. While your injuries are thankfully not life-threatening, they can seriously impact your life and leave you wondering about compensation.

You Deserve Fair Compensation for Dental Injuries

If someone else’s negligence caused your car crash and resulting dental injuries, then you deserve to make a full and fair legal recovery. Our car accident lawyers have more than 200 years of combined legal experience. Together, we have represented more than 70,000 clients and helped them recover more than $1 billion in damages.

After your dental injuries, we will fight for your recovery of past and future:

  • Medical expenses. Dental treatments may include but are not limited to surgeries, medications, dental implants, root canal procedures, dental implants, dental devices, and physical therapy for TMJ. Even with dental insurance, these expenses can be significant.
  • Lost income. You may miss work because of dental treatments or because of your pain.
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering. Dental injuries hurt. You may also be unable to talk clearly or eat the foods you enjoy because of your injury.
  • Other expenses. Any additional costs that are related to your dental injury or other car accident injuries should be part of your recovery.

In some cases, other compensation may also be possible.

Want to Know How Much You Could Recover?

It is impossible to provide a dollar amount in a website FAQ, but we can help you estimate your possible compensation when we meet with you and learn more about your case.

Call us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation in any of our Iowa law offices or a place that is convenient for you. Our Iowa car accident lawyers would be happy to review your claim, advise you of your legal options, discuss your potential recovery, and explain our Win or It’s Free Guarantee.

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