Rainy days, spilled materials, and accidents can create dangerous walking areas. Building owners and tenants should be aware of such dangers and take the appropriate actions to create a safe environment for their patrons. Failing to take the proper actions can cause innocent victims to become injured.

If a fluid causes you to slip and fall in Wisconsin, it is important to take the actions needed with the fluid in order to help build your case. When dealing with a fluid that causes a fall you should:

  • Take a picture. The first thing you should do with the fluid is to take a picture. Use your cell phone to take pictures from different angles and different distances. If your phone is not available, ask to use a witness's phone, and email the picture to yourself.
  • Take a sample. Try to get a sample of it of the fluid that made you fall. Use a plastic bag or container to hold the fluid. This will make for excellent evidence when building your Wisconsin slip and fall claim.
  • Be careful. Be sure not to handle any fluids that are unknown or may be dangerous. Although a sample of the substance will make for a solid piece of evidence, it is not worth risking further injury.

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