No. Instead, quite the opposite is true. Our law firm respects and supports police officers. We understand how difficult their jobs are and how important they are to our communities. The majority of officers work hard every day to uphold the law and to keep us safe. They often do this work while putting their own safety at risk.

Good Police Officers Should Not Be Harmed by Cops Who Abuse Their Power

We believe that the police officers who use excessive force, who sexually assault people, or who otherwise engage in police brutality should be held accountable. This accountability is important not only to the victims who were hurt by police brutality, but also to the hardworking and law-abiding police officers who do their jobs day in and day out without resorting to excessive force.

When the cops who act with excessive force are held accountable, it may:

  • Deter other police officers from using excessive force in the future. They may see the consequences of police brutality and think carefully before acting in stressful situations.
  • Increase public confidence in the police. When the public see officers who acted with excessive force being held accountable, they may be more trusting of officers who do not use excessive force. Everyone may be safer as a result.
  • Protect the reputation and honor of the police force. Police officers should be proud of the important work that they do. When individuals who commit acts of police brutality are held accountable, the honor and reputation of the rest of the police department is protected.

For these reasons, we believe that holding individual officers accountable for police brutality shows our support for law enforcement officials rather than our distrust or disrespect for them.

Police Brutality Victims Deserve Justice

Police brutality cases not only protect the “good cops,” but they also protect the rights of the individual who was hurt. Our police brutality lawyers are committed to helping people who have been seriously hurt by the excessive force of a police officer. If you would like to learn more about your own rights, we invite you to contact us online or call us directly at 800.800.5678.

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