It can be discouraging and frustrating to read a police report that you believe to be inaccurate. You may feel that a significant injustice has been done and that your possible legal recovery may be in jeopardy.

Our Des Moines car accident lawyers understand your feelings, but we want you to know that the police report is only one part of your case. There are times when the police have limited information at the scene of the crash and simply come to the wrong conclusions. Later, when Des Moines car accident attorneys conduct legal discovery and delve further into the evidence different conclusions may be reached that may persuade insurance adjusters or juries to provide you with the settlement that you deserve.

Thus, you should get a copy of the police report and read it, but you should not take it as the final word about what happened in your crash. Instead, you should contact an experienced Des Moines car accident lawyer for more information about your rights and possible recovery. Our experienced attorneys welcome your inquiry today via this website or by calling 1-800-800-5678. We also invite you to read our FREE book, The Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims to learn more.

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