Choosing a Doctor After an Iowa Car Crash

Yes, you have the right to see your own doctor after an Iowa car accident. However, before you decide to trust all of your medical care to your primary care physician, it is important to think carefully about whether this is the best choice for you.

Do You Need a Specialist?

After a serious car accident, you may benefit from treatment by a medical specialist. For example:

  • A neurologist could be important after a brain injury
  • An orthopedist could be important after a broken bone
  • A plastic surgeon could be necessary after severe lacerations

In addition to benefiting from the medical expertise of a specialist, you may also benefit from a doctor’s experience with car accident cases. Many primary care physicians do not have experience with car crash victims and are not comfortable giving depositions or testifying in court. The right doctor will know how to treat your injuries, prepare your medical record, and testify on your behalf, if necessary.

Do You Need to Go to an Independent Medical Exam?

Sometimes insurance companies require car accident victims to go to what they call independent medical exams. However, since the insurance company is requiring the medical exam, the term “independent” is misleading.

The doctor for your independent medical exam is one that the insurance company has approved. This doctor can hurt your car accident case in several ways. For example, the doctor may claim that you are not injured, are not as injured as you say you are, or are injured—but not because of the accident.

Before you go to an independent medical exam, you should speak with your Iowa car accident lawyer. You may, or may not, have to attend, and the decision could significantly impact your car accident recovery.

For additional tips about your Iowa car accident case and recovery, we encourage you to browse our other car accident frequently asked questions or to contact us directly to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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