Black Friday deals can make shoppers go a little crazy. Normally nice people push and shove to get the last Big Hugs Elmo or LeapPad Ultra. They don’t mean to cause injury, but injuries happen. Here’s a list of Black Friday safety tips to help you avoid being an injury victim.

Black Friday Safety Tips

  • Charge your cell phone and keep it with you. You’ll want to be able to call for help if something happens.
  • Designate a place outside the store where your family will meet if something goes wrong. Let everyone know that staying safe is more important than getting the great deal on the digital camera.
  • Pay attention in the parking lot. Both drivers and pedestrians are likely to be distracted this time of year.
  • Keep your eyes on the people around you. You’ll be able to get out of the way if you come between an obsessive shopper and that last pink polka-dot Furby. You may want that Furby as well, but is it worth the potential pain and expense of a Black Friday slip and fall?
  • Pay attention to your wallet. It only takes a moment of distraction to be robbed.
  • Consider shopping online. You can find most of the same deals on the store website. If you shop online, look for HTTPS in the URL and the padlock icon in the browser status bar. These signs indicate a secure site.
  • Shop on another day. Many stores have even bigger markdowns when it gets closer to the holidays. If you can, shop on a weekday while most people are at work.

If you are injured, contact the Gurnee personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham. Many Illinois Black Friday injuries, including assaults and robberies, occur because retailers don’t take enough precautions. You may have an Illinois injury claim. To learn more, contact Hupy and Abraham at 847-625-5500​.

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