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  • I have heard that some kinds of birth control pills have dangerous side effects. How can I tell if the birth control pill I am taking is safe?

    Most women can use many birth control pills safely. However, there are certain medical conditions that may increase the risk of serious side effects. These conditions include:

    • History of smoking, especially if over age 35.
    • Breast cancer.
    • Blood clotting disorders.
    • Stroke.
    • Heart problems, including heart attack, angina, and heart valve conditions.
    • Lupus.
    • Diabetes.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Kidney disease.
    • Liver disease.
    • Adrenal gland disease.

    If you have any of these conditions, speak to your doctor about the best method of birth control for you.

    Pills that contain drospirenone are different from other birth-control pills. Birth control pills that contain drospirenone include Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Safyral, Syeda, Loryna, Ocella, and Zarah. These pills increase the potassium in the blood and have been linked gallbladder disease and pancreatitis. These pills may also increase a woman's chance of getting a blood clot by as much as 75 percent. Blood clots can cause stroke, heart attack and pulmonary embolism, which may result in permanent disability or death.

    If you are currently a birth control pill containing drospirenone, discuss the risks with your doctor. You may want to consider switching to a pill with fewer risks.

    If you have suffered a stroke or a pulmonary embolism while taking Yaz, Yasmin, or another birth control pill with drospirenone, a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer can tell you about your rights. Contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin?

    Twenty states have mandatory helmet laws; Wisconsin is not one of those states. In Wisconsin, only motorcyclists under age 18 must wear a helmet.

    However, wearing a helmet is not a bad idea. Numerous studies show that wearing a helmet can make a significant difference in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident.

    • In Kentucky, motorcyclists who did not wear helmets were 4.4 times more likely to suffer a head injury in a motorcycle crash.
    • A French study found that a helmet decreases serious motorcycle accident injury by 66 percent.
    • In Thailand head injuries decreased by 41 percent in two years after helmets became mandatory. 
    • When helmet laws were repealed in Arkansas and Texas, helmet use dropped to 52 percent in Arkansas and to 66 percent in Texas. Motorcycle fatalities increased 21 percent in Arkansas and 31 percent in Texas.

    If you are over 18, it is your choice whether or not to wear a helmet. However, our Wisconsin motorcycle lawyers have seen the devastation that a motorcycle accident brain injury can cause. We suggest that you make this choice carefully.

    If you choose to wear a helmet, choose one that fits well and doesn’t obstruct your vision. For more information, read our article, “A Wisconsin Motorcycle Lawyer’s Guide To Choosing Your Motorcycle Helmet.”

    If you are injured in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, be sure to request a free copy of The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims. The guide explains your rights and how to protect them. If you would like to discuss your crash with a Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorney, contact Hupy & Abraham at 800-800-5678.

  • Another driver hit my car when he ran a red light in Milwaukee. My wife, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, was seriously injured and is in the hospital. What should I do?

    We are always sorry to hear about Milwaukee red light violation accidents. So much pain and suffering could be avoided if each driver were to obey Wisconsin red light laws. Unfortunately, too often this type of car accident results in very serious injury and even death.

    The first thing anyone should do if involved in a car accident it to gather information, if possible. This information should include:

    • The name, contact information, and license number of the driver who ran the red light.
    • The names and contact information of all witnesses to the accident.
    • The insurance information of the other driver.
    • A copy of the police report as soon as it is available.
    • All medical records of the injuries you and your wife sustained, including those from the ambulance, the emergency room, the hospital, and rehabilitation.
    • Find out if a red light camera was installed at the intersection where the accident occurred and be sure that the accident was recorded. 

    Once you have collected as much information as you can, you should begin to think about the costs of your accident. These costs might include medical bills, lost time from work, damage to your vehicle, and even pain and suffering. 

    Then we suggest you contact a reputable accident lawyer in Wisconsin and begin to explore your legal options. There is no excuse for running a red light. At Hupy & Abraham, we can advise you and help you decide the best course of action to follow. 

  • Why is it more dangerous for a Wisconsin motorcyclist than for a driver at night?

    Wisconsin night riding is dangerous for obvious reasons, but even more so because motorcyclists must be aware not only of themselves, but also of all vehicles nearby. Nighttime is far more dangerous for a motorcyclist than a motorist for the following reasons: 

    • Visibility. We’ve mentioned before the importance of making yourself extra visible at night, and the obvious dangers of being unseen by other drivers. This is extra important due to the great number and variety of factors that can affect a driver’s ability to see in the dark. You might be at risk of being hit by a driver if you are outside the beam of his headlights, in his blind spot, or if he simply sees more poorly at night.
    • Lane Shifting Due to Drowsiness. This is a factor for both motorcyclists and motorists alike, and lane shifting can be startling and lead to serious traffic accidents near Milwaukee. Keep extra close watch on the cars near you and try to observe whether they are swerving or gravitating more to one side of the road. And, as always, keep your distance.
    • Less Protection. Riding your motorcycle at night means playing constant defense. In the event of a collision with another vehicle, animal, or even running off the road, the only thing between you and serious injury is the gear that you wear. Be sure to never go out at night without fully outfitting yourself in protective clothing.
    • Distraction. Distraction for a driver in a car means danger for you as a motorcyclist. It’s impossible to tell at nighttime what sorts of things—texting, misbehaving children, drowsiness—might be distracting the driver of a car, so it is always wise to keep a safe distance for the sake of night riding safety. 

    If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured while riding at night in Wisconsin, contact Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham toll-free at 800-800-5678 or locally at 414-223-4800 for a free consultation and copy of The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

  • My loved one died from anesthesia complications during minor surgery. How do I know if I have a Wisconsin wrongful death claim?

    We are very sorry to hear about your loss.

    In most cases, anesthesia is perfectly safe. Fewer than 1 in 10,000 people die from anesthesia injury. But, when anesthesia injuries occur they can be devastating and life-threatening. Anesthesia injuries include brain injury, coma, stroke, heart attack, nerve damage, birth injuries, and even death.

    Anesthesia error can be a form of medical malpractice. However, not all anesthesia injuries are the result of malpractice. Things can go wrong and people can die even when doctors do their very best. To win a Wisconsin anesthesia injury claim, you must show that the anesthesiologist behaved negligently and that no reasonable health care provider would have done what your loved one’s anesthesiologist did.

    Examples of anesthesiologist negligence include:

    • Anesthesia dosage errors
    • Intubation injuries
    • Inadequate patient monitoring
    • Failure to recognize complications
    • Improper administration of oxygen during surgery
    • Drug or alcohol use by a medical provider
    • Communication errors during or after the procedure
    • Dangerously prolonged sedation
    • Defective equipment

    The best way to determine if you have valid grounds to file a Wisconsin wrongful death claim is to discuss your case with a Wisconsin personal injury lawyer with medical malpractice experience. The attorney will be able to use his own experience and the expert opinions of medical professionals to determine if the anesthesiologist was behaving negligently and if you have a case.

    To learn more or to discuss your own injury claim, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678. The initial consultation is free.

  • I have noticed cameras at intersections all over Milwaukee. I was told these cameras were used to cut the number of Wisconsin red light violation accidents. Why are they there? Do they work?

    Each year hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries occur each year as the result of red light violations. Nationwide, 673 people were killed and about 122,000 injured by motorists who were either in too big a hurry or were distracted and ran through red lights. And, sadly, about half of the fatalities were pedestrians, bicyclists, or passengers in other cars. 

    Unfortunately, most communities do not have the resources to hire enough police to enforce the Wisconsin red light violation laws and give tickets to every motorist who breaks them. For that reason, red light cameras are being installed in many cities to try to save lives. 

    Do red light cameras work? According to 2011 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the cities with cameras reduced their total number of red light crashes by 24 percent. Other studies found that, as a result of red light camera enforcement, the number of accidents due to red light running decreased at intersections that had no cameras installed, leading researchers to believe that drivers were actually adopting safer practices behind the wheel.

    When many red light studies were combined from all around the world, it was estimated that red light violations were reduced by 40 to 50 percent and right angle injury crashes were reduced by 24 percent.

    However, some drivers continue to make bad decisions and still run red lights. If you or someone you know have been injured by one of these red light runners, give Hupy & Abraham, accident lawyers in Wisconsin, a call to see if we can help. You can reach us toll free at 800-800-5678 or by filling out the confidential form on this page.  

  • My husband was recently in a Wisconsin motorcycle accident and suffered a serious traumatic brain injury. While his doctors say he will slowly improve, he and our family are having a rough time coping. Any suggestions?

    We know how difficult adjusting to life after a TBI injury, both for the victim and for the family. Your family might want to consider some of these suggestions for coping with a TBI injury:

    • Find and join a support group. Most communities have groups that can help your husband compare notes with others like him. He can also discuss issues he is experiencing and perhaps get good suggestions for coping as he heals. If you live in a rural area and this is impossible, there are also good online groups to consider.
    • Keep a consistent schedule. Routines are very important for recovering TBI patients. Each day should be structured carefully with the same basic daily routine. 
    • Keep distractions around the house to a minimum. For a while, your husband will need peace and quiet in order to recover. For many TBI patients, loud noises or bright lights can be very disturbing. While no family can be silent, everyone can work together to give him the best conditions possible in your particular situation.
    • Change your expectations. When your husband returns to work, he can ask for accommodations and extra time to complete tasks. And at home, don’t expect him to do the same work around the house as he did before. If, for example, he was in charge of paying the bills and is finding this difficult, find a way to work together and break the job down into more manageable steps.
    • Get legal help if you need it. One upsetting factor in TBI cases can be financial hardship. You may be facing medical costs, lack of income and even money to pay a caretaker to help out. A good Wisconsin personal injury lawyer can help you with a Wisconsin accident settlement that can relieve financial stress. 

    At Hupy and Abraham we pride ourselves on being one of the top motorcycle litigation firms in the United States. Call us today toll free at 800-800-5678 to request a free consultation and a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

  • The insurance adjuster asked for my Social Security number after my Milwaukee car crash. Is it mandatory that I give it to him?

    You are not legally obligated to give your Social Security number in any situation except when dealing with a taxing authority. You certainly shouldn’t need to give it before your settlement is finalized.

    It’s possible that the insurer is only using your SSN as an account number and is asking for it so they can access your account in their database. However, be aware that this piece of highly personal information can easily be used to research your involvement in other settlements and claims.

    Obviously, this history doesn’t apply to your current case, but it can be used against you if the provider is looking to deny your personal injury claim or diminish your settlement.

    Once your settlement is finalized, the adjuster might need your SSN in order to release your payment. Some states have legislation that restrict insurance companies from paying out settlements until your Social Security number has been run through a government database to check for outstanding tax or family support debt.

    It is essential that you ask what the adjuster needs your SSN for before giving it out. If you are uncomfortable with this question or have any concerns about dealing with Wisconsin insurance adjuster, talk to a Milwaukee auto accident attorney.

    Are you having problems dealing with an insurance provider after a Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois car crash? The skilled legal team of Hupy and Abraham may be able to help. Call 414-223-4800 (local) or 800-800-5678 (toll-free) now to make an appointment for a confidential case review at no cost.

  • I can’t find a comfortable motorcycle helmet in Milwaukee stores. Could the shape of my head have anything to do with it?

    It sure could! Motorcycle helmets vary not only in basic size but also in their internal shape. Although you buy a helmet primarily for safety—so that your head is protected if you get into a Milwaukee motorcycle wreck—comfort is very important.

    Today, we love the convenience of buying what we need and want online. Fight the urge, however, when it comes to your bike helmet. You have to try on several helmets and wear them for a few minutes before you commit to buying one. Remember, you have a better chance of surviving a bike crash in Wisconsin if you actually wear your helmet.

    The website webbikeworld.com goes into detail discussing head shapes and has a pretty extensive list of corresponding brands and styles to fit those shapes. The list also includes the weight of each helmet.

    I recommend that you print off a list of the helmets that match your head shape and take it with you to the store. Then try on each helmet and wear it for a few minutes before trying out the next one. The time you invest in this activity will pay off in your safety and comfort.

    If you get into a motorcycle crash in Milwaukee caused by another motorist, contact the Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham. Call us locally at 414-223-4800 or toll free at 800-800-5678. Take advantage of our FREE consultation offer, or order our FREE helpful publication, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

  • I fell down the stairs at my friend’s apartment complex in Milwaukee because the handrail was broken. I feel awkward involving her, but I need someone to pay for my medical bills. What should I do?

    Although your fall occurred at your friend’s residence, she is not responsible for taking care of the grounds or keeping up with the maintenance. That responsibility belongs to the property owner or the property manager of the apartment complex.

    Because of this, you shouldn’t feel awkward involving your friend, especially if she witnessed your fall. Your friend should understand that your fall injuries are not your fault. Plus, medical bills can add up quickly. You should not have to incur medical expenses or lost income from being a victim of a Wisconsin slip and fall accident.

    We understand that you don’t want to lose your friend or cause him or her grief, but this matter shouldn’t be viewed in this way. The money for your medical bills and other damages will not come out of your friend’s pocket. Instead, your friend’s landlord or the person or company who owns the apartment building should be held accountable.

    The property manager has a duty to take care of the grounds and to protect residents and their visitors from possible dangerous conditions. This includes repairing or replacing broken handrails so that people can walk up and down the stairs safely.

    If you feel hesitant pursuing damages because your friend lives there, call us and we will talk to you about your situation in more detail. You can reach Hupy & Abraham toll-free at (800) 800-5678 for a free consultation with a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer today. With seven offices in two states, we are ready to pursue your Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois premises liability lawsuit until you get the compensation you deserve.