On September 5, 2001 in Sauk County, Wisconsin, James Bishop was test-driving a Harley-Davidson Sportster when a woman attempted to make a left-hand turn into her driveway. Mr. Bishop had no place to go and his motorcycle slammed into the rear of the vehicle. The car’s driver said she didn’t see Mr. Bishop’s bike except in her peripheral vision but knew he was speeding. Mr. Bishop was unconscious at the scene of the accident and had no memory of the facts of the accident.

Following the accident, he was flown to the University of Wisconsin Hospital for treatment of a serious leg injury suffered as a result of the accident. His medical expenses were in excess of $100,000.

The insurance company took the position that our client was 100 percent at fault for this accident and they never made an offer to resolve this claim as a result. Attorney Jason F. Abraham rejected this position, believing that he was driving the speed limit and the defendant should have seen his motorcycle.

Upon conclusion of the trial, a twelve-person jury rendered a verdict awarding our client $343,000 in past and future damages, agreeing with Attorney Abraham by rejecting the insurance company’s position that Mr. Bishop was the cause of this accident.

Mr. Bishop was thrilled with the result and the award will help him and his family put this matter behind them. This is another example of a law firm that is willing to do whatever it takes to help riders.


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