In an effort to make a difference in the life of others, a seriously injured rider started a non-profit organization called riders Down following his own accident. It is through this organization that he educates other riders on the dramatic effect a serious accident can have on a family’s life. It is Scott Perzentka’s goal to raise a substantial amount of money in the future to help other riders in the event they are confronted with a catastrophic accident like his. We support riders Down and encourage everyone to do likewise. Visit his website at The following is his story.

On July 3, 2003, the life of Scott Perzentka was shattered. As he was driving home, a semi-truck started to make a left-hand turn in front of his motorcycle without warning. Although he made a frantic effort to avoid the semi-truck by slamming on his brakes and laying down his motorcycle, he was unable to avoid the truck accident, smashing into the front of the semi-truck and being ejected from the motorcycle.

The City of Oshkosh ambulance rushed Mr. Perzentka from the scene of the accident to Mercy Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. He was fading in and out of consciousness while en route. His primary diagnoses included a traumatic brain injury; numerous contusions, abrasions, and lacerations; an ankle injury; and  fractures in the pelvis, hip, and jaw.

On July 29, 2003, Mr. Perzentka was transferred into the physical rehabilitation unit at Mercy Medical Center where he began his long, painful road to recovery. Finally, one hundred days following this collision, he was released from the hospital into the care of his mother. Mr. Perzentka’s doctors viewed him as a medical miracle, his hard work and dedication to recovery making him a model patient. Despite working tirelessly to bring his body back to health, he can no longer participate in running, jumping, or lifting in excess of 75 pounds. He continues to receive follow-up treatment regarding the psychological trauma of being involved in such a dramatic accident.

Over and above the physical and emotional injuries Mr. Perzentka sustained as a result of this accident, he was also presented with professional challenges. Prior to the collision, he owned and operated three companies, but based on the injuries he sustained, he was unfortunately forced to close two. However, he now dedicates himself to the continued success of the remaining company, which has been in existence for over 50 years, and Hupy and Abraham is sure that he will have nothing but continued success based on his positive outlook and hard work.

Immediately following the accident, Mr. Perzentka’s mother contacted our law firm and our experienced team began working on his claim. Attorney Jason F. Abraham was able to resolve the case without the necessity of a lawsuit. The insurance company paid approximately $950,000 in settlement as a result of Attorney Abraham’s efforts on behalf of Mr. Perzentka. This payment was received even though the company that owned the semi-truck was in receivership.

We are happy to report that Mr. Perzentka has made an astounding recovery from the injuries he received, and we are sure that he will make a difference to many riders in the future based on his dedication to the cause. We are happy to call him our client and our friend.

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