In August 2011, our client was riding his motorcycle southbound on South 27th Street, at the intersection of West Grange Avenue in Greenfield, Wisconsin. As he approached the intersection, a motorist made a left-hand turn directly in front of him, causing a collision. Our client suffered severe injuries to his hand, knee and left heel, resulting in reduced sensation and use of his left foot. Due to the accident, our client needed multiple surgeries, including a reconstruction of his foot. According to multiple doctors, the condition in his foot may be permanent and he will always need custom shoes and inserts. His medical bills totaled over $400,000.

The insurance company refused to pay and Attorney Jason Abraham filed a lawsuit. The insurance company hired experts to try and discredit our client’s version of events. At mediation, the insurance company initially offered $600,000. Attorney Abraham threatened to leave immediately unless the insurance company got serious. The case ultimately settled at mediation for $1,500,000. The client was grateful for all of Hupy and Abraham’s hard work.  


Jason F. Abraham
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