On July 23, 2001, Simmon Martinez was traveling from one construction job to the next. As he was traveling east on Fond du Lac Avenue and entered the intersection with 68th Street, a vehicle ran a red light and smashed into the back of his truck. The force of the collision spun Martinez's vehicle 180 degrees and caused substantial structural damage.

Following the accident, he went to the VA for back, neck, and elbow pain. Unfortunately, his back injury did not heal and ultimately required surgery. He was no longer able to do the construction-type work that he did before the accident given the permanent nature of his back injury.

Prior to the start of a lawsuit, the insurance company made no offer to resolve the claim because they asserted that Mr. Martinez ran the red light. At mediation before trial, lawyers for the insurance company offered $75,000 to resolve the claim.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham rejected this offer and took the case to trial.

Upon conclusion of the trial, the jury also didn't agree that the offer was enough and rendered a verdict awarding Mr. Martinez approximately $340,000 in past and future damages—about four and a half times the initial settlement offered. Mr. Martinez was ecstatic with the result as well as the hard work put into the case by Attorney Abraham.

Not all law firms are willing to try cases, but thankfully Simmon Martinez hired a law firm committed to doing whatever it takes for its clients.


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