In Lake County, Illinois, our client was enjoying an afternoon with her husband when her vehicle was rear-ended. She had a long history of lower back problems, but in this accident injured her neck. The insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer, citing minimal property damage to the vehicles and prior lower back issues even though she was not claiming a lower back injury.

Hupy and Abraham in Gurnee, Illinois, immediately filed a lawsuit intending to obtain fair compensation for her injuries.

While litigation was ongoing, the defense hired an expert who gave an opinion that our client could not have been injured due to the low speed of the impact and the minimal damage to the vehicles. Based on the expert’s opinion, the insurance company’s top offer was $10,000. Attorney Vito J. Manicioto was able to bar the admissibility of the photographs showing minimal property damage as well as the relevant parts of the expert’s opinion dealing with speed and minimal damage of the vehicles.

The parties entered into an arbitration agreement to resolve the matter. Attorney Manicioto presented the case to an arbitrator selected by the parties. The client was able testify as to her injuries and give her side of the story. Due to Attorney Manicioto’s barring of the defenses expert’s testimony and the strength of the case, our client was awarded over $95,000 for her injuries.