On May 10, 2008 in Grant County, Wisconsin, our clients, husband and wife, were traveling on their Harley-Davidson motorcycle when a farm vehicle pulled out in front of them without warning. As a result, the motorcycle struck the vehicle and they were both thrown off.

Our clients were taken by Flight For Life to UW-Madison Hospital where the doctors did everything they could to treat their injuries. Unfortunately, based on the catastrophic nature of both of our clients’ leg injuries, the doctors were unable to save one of each of their legs. Our clients incurred over $1 million in medical expenses from injuries sustained in this accident.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham negotiated settlements on behalf of the couple, making five separate claims and receiving a total of $2.25 million. Attorney Abraham was also able to get the health insurance to waive any right of recovery out of the settlement and the insurance company to pay all of our clients' future medical expenses, as long as they continue to be members of the plan.


Jason F. Abraham
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