In October of 2011, our client was riding his motorcycle northbound on I-794, over the Hoan Bridge, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As he crossed the bridge, an SUV merged into his lane, colliding with his motorcycle. Our client slid along the highway guardrail for 75 feet before being thrown from his motorcycle. Multiple witnesses saw the SUV merge into his lane as if she didn’t even see him. Our client suffered severe injuries to his head and face, resulting in loss of taste and smell and eye problems. His medical bills totaled over $500,000 and his injuries are permanent.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham recovered the full $300,000 liability policy limits from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The insurance company said they would only pay the $300,000 and not the additional excess policy of $50,000. Attorney Jason F. Abraham refused to accept anything less than full payment for his client. After filing suit, Attorney Jason F. Abraham recovered the full $50,000 excess policy limits.

After securing the limits of the at-fault driver’s two insurance policies, Attorney Jason F. Abraham pursued the client’s multiple underinsured motorist coverage polices. Since Wisconsin’s “Truth in Auto” legislation was in effect, the policies can be stacked, giving the client $900,000 of coverage. After numerous phone calls and letters, Attorney Jason F. Abraham recovered an additional $700,000 from the client’s underinsured motorist policies. However, Attorney Jason F. Abraham will not settle for less than the full $900,000 and will fight in court if necessary.


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