The personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham has reached a $177,500 settlement for a motorcycle accident victim after the insurance company claimed he was 50 percent at fault and offered only $100,000.

The motorcyclist was traveling with the right of way when a vehicle pulled out from a driveway and crossed his path. Although the motorcyclist did not suffer any broken bones, his chronic back pain was exacerbated by the accident.

Since the other driver and a witness accused the motorcyclist of speeding, the insurance company argued that the liability should be split 50/50 and offered only $100,000 to settle. The insurance company also claimed, based on the statements of the other driver and the witness, that there was no contact between the motorcycle and the vehicle. Likewise, the responding police officer documented no contact between the two vehicles.

However, Hupy and Abraham obtained statements from additional witnesses who verified that the motorcyclist was not speeding and that there was indeed contact between the two vehicles. Attorney Todd Korb then negotiated an additional $77,500 on top of the insurance company's initial offer of $100,000.