Only four months after welcoming their new baby into the world, on May 16, 2003, Peter and Jennifer Alberti were traveling north on South 60th Street in Milwaukee when a car suddenly made a left turn in front of their motorcycle. Mr. Alberti attempted to avoid a collision but ended up plowing into the passenger side of the car, throwing him and his wife from their motorcycle.

The Albertis each suffered serious orthopedic injuries requiring extended hospitalization. Eventually, they were discharged to a rehabilitation facility where they remained until they were able to move about without wheelchairs. They are home now and attempting to put their lives back together. The bills for their medical care have already mounted into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they will need additional medical care well into the future.

The insurance policy of the driver who caused the accident only allowed $25,000 for each person he injured, but fortunately, their insurance policy provided $150,000 in underinsured motorist coverage for each person injured. Both policies were issued by the same insurance company.

Attorney Jason F. Abraham contacted the insurance company and insisted that they pay the limits on both policies immediately but the company refused. Because of the extremely serious nature of his clients’ injuries, Attorney Abraham let the insurance company know they had one week in which to pay both policy limits or he would file a lawsuit. Before the week was out, the insurance company agreed to pay both policy limits.

Thus, the Albertis received $300,000 in less than sixty days after their accident. Attorney Abraham was also able to leave open the Albertis’ right to challenge their policy and get more money if he could demonstrate that the language in the policy allowed additional compensation.

At the time of the accident, the Albertis had health insurance which initially paid all of their medical bills. When the case settled, the health insurance company demanded reimbursement of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Albertis’ award. Attorney Abraham got the health insurance company to accept a mere $5,000 and agree to pay all future medical expenses. This victory allowed the Albertis to keep significantly more of their settlement money.

We wish the Albertis and their new baby well.

This case is just one example of the success that hard work and dedication have allowed us to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. If you, a family member, or friend has been injured, contact Hupy and Abraham. We are here to help.


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