Our client's case was settled for $250,000 from a severe highway accident.

Our client was traveling northbound on I-41 when the defendant abruptly changed lanes and struck our client at highway speed. The force of the impact propelled our client violently into the concrete median. Our client went to the emergency room for evaluation and testing. All of the testing was negative, so our client was released.

Shortly after the crash, our client began experiencing numbness, tingling and weakness in her arms. Given the severity of our client’s symptoms, an MRI was ordered. The MRI showed a bony growth, along with nerve root compression. The client underwent neck surgery to remove the bony growth and relieve the nerve root compression.  

The defendant’s insurance concluded the neck surgery was necessitated because of the bony growth, and not because of the trauma caused by the high-speed crash. The insurance company made a low offer.  

Attorney Shawn Brock filed a lawsuit. Shortly after our client’s deposition, the insurance caved and paid its $250,000 limits.