No U-Turn sign

Our client, a Dane County resident, was driving on a nice summer day when suddenly and unexpectedly a vehicle, while stopped on the shoulder attempted an illegal U-turn directly in front of her.  She had no time to react, and the vehicles collided.   

She injured her neck, which resulted in neck pain and headaches, because of the collision. She contacted Hupy and Abraham to assist with her claim against the other driver.  After she completed her medical treatment, Attorney Brandon Derry started negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance company tried to argue that her headaches were pre-existing to justify its unreasonable offer.   

Attorney Derry rejected their excuses and recommended our client file a lawsuit in order to receive the compensation she deserved.  After the lawsuit was filed, the insurance company immediately contacted Attorney Derry to revisit settlement talks.  In less than two months after filing the lawsuit, Attorney Derry settled the claim for nearly double what the insurance company previously offered. 

Jason F. Abraham
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