In September 2007 in Pierce County, Wisconsin, our client was riding her Harley-Davidson with her husband operating his motorcycle in front of her on US Highway 10. A farm tractor had its flashers illuminated and our client's husband passed around it, but as she did the same, the tractor made a left turn into her and caused her to cross the road into a guardrail. The impact gave her very serious leg injuries.

Our client was taken by Flight for Life to Regions Hospital where the doctors did everything they could to treat her injuries. She was a model patient and, despite having catastrophic injuries, had a positive outlook, reminding herself that the accident could have been worse. Throughout the recovery process, she worked tirelessly to get herself back to as normal a life as possible and remains optimistic that she will be able to go back to work within the next few months.

Immediately following the accident, the insurance company for the tractor, Allied Insurance Company, hired an accident reconstruction expert in an attempt to say that the motorcyclist was at fault for the accident. As a result, Attorney Jason F. Abraham hired his own accident reconstruction expert, who immediately surveyed the scene of the accident, took pictures of all the vehicles, and took statements from witnesses. It was our expert’s opinion that, at the time the motorcyclist began to pass the farm tractor, the tractor had not yet begun its turn and the motorcyclist would have had no opportunity to avoid this accident. Shortly after receiving this opinion, Attorney Abraham was able to get two insurance companies to pay their policy limits, totaling $800,000.

As a result of the accident, our client incurred substantial medical bills and is expected to incur a substantial amount of medical expenses in the future. Attorney Abraham was able to get the health insurance company for the motorcyclist to accept $10,000 as payment in full for all they paid as a result of this accident. The insurance company will also have to pay all of her future medical expenses as long as she is a member of the plan.

Our client was extremely happy with the result she obtained from Attorney Abraham. Despite the fact that the insurance companies in this case initially denied their insured was at fault, within six months, Attorney Abraham was able to obtain the $800,000 in policy limits.


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