In March 2005, Sally Meier injured her back and shoulder when she fell on ice at a sidewalk in her apartment complex. Almost immediately, the insurance company for the apartment complex denied her claim, taking the position that Ms. Meier, who is elderly, should have seen the ice that she fell on and avoided the area.

Attorney Chad Kreblin of Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee filed a lawsuit on behalf of Ms. Meier and took her case to trial.

At trial, Attorney Kreblin was able to demonstrate that the apartment complex knew the area where Ms. Meier fell was prone to icing, that the plowing practices on behalf of the complex were dangerous, and that the apartment complex did not perform adequate inspections of the area on a regular basis. The jury agreed and awarded Ms. Meier $140,000.

After trial, the judge in the case commented that Attorney Kreblin was the first personal injury attorney to win a slip and fall case in his courtroom. Ms. Meier is extremely happy with the jury verdict and has been able to move from the apartment complex. It was an honor for our firm to represent her in the case.