Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was making a left turn when a car  approaching from the rear attempted to pass, causing a collision. The defendant driver argued that other vehicle was traveling slowly on the shoulder of the road and abruptly made a U-turn without a signal. Our client and his driver stated they were not traveling on the shoulder and that the turn was signaled and not an attempted U-turn.

Our client suffered a shoulder injury which would require him to undergo an arthroscopic surgery, incurring approximately $28,000 in medical bills. The insurance companies for both vehicles denied his claim and the defendant’s independent medical examiner disputed some of the injury and his need for surgery as it related to the accident.

After litigation at mediation, Attorney Todd Korb of Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee settled the case for $95,000 and included full recovery of our client’s property damage and medical bills. He was extremely happy with this result.