In May 2013, our client was riding his motorcycle on a rural Wisconsin highway behind a vehicle driven by the defendant.  The defendant put on his right directional, slowed and pulled onto the shoulder.  As our client continued along the highway past the defendant’s car, the defendant made a quick and unexpected U-turn. Our client struck the defendant’s driver’s side door and was thrown over the vehicle, sustaining serious injuries.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained a rotator cuff tear, a left thumb injury, various cuts and road rash.  He required two surgeries over the following six months. Due to his hard work in physical therapy and the work of his doctors, he made a very good recovery and has returned to work.

Attorney Chad Kreblin fought hard for our client. He recovered $250,000 from one insurance policy and $300,000 from another. In total, the client received a $550,000 settlement.