On June 21, 2008 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a motorcyclist was riding her bike in the left lane of a fairly well-traveled street. In the right lane, slightly ahead of the motorcycle, a moving truck was traveling in the same direction when the driver realized he had missed his turn. He attempted to turn left into a driveway but his abrupt turn resulted in the truck crossing directly in front of the path of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist was unable to avoid colliding with the front corner of the defendant’s truck.

Immediately after the truck accident, the unresponsive motorcyclist was rushed to an area hospital and spent the next 41 days undergoing treatment for serious injuries to her brain. She continues to suffer with cognitive impairment and is unable to return to work. She also suffered a serious injury to her knee, requiring surgery, and, as a result, has orthopedic limitations as well.

The investigating police officer noted that the truck driver failed to yield the right of way and also made an improper turn. The defendant’s insurance company noted that the police also referenced the motorcyclist’s condition as a factor but Attorney Jason Abraham was able to substantiate that the motorcyclist’s condition was not a causal factor in the crash.

Attorney Abraham settled the case at mediation for $1,000,000.

This is another example of why it is so important to hire a law firm that understands motorcycle accidents, the mechanisms of the crash, and how to argue liability issues.

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