$70,000 for Woman Hit by A Drunk Driver

A woman was driving in Middleton to meet a friend when a drunk driver illegally passed another vehicle at a high rate of speed and struck her vehicle head-on. The woman sustained muscle sprains and a head injury with a concussion. 

She recovered the policy limits from the drunk driver’s insurance, but this did not fully compensate her for her injuries. The drunk driver had no assets and was facing a lengthy prison sentence. The woman contacted Hupy and Abraham to determine her legal options. Attorney Brandon Derry recommended she pursue an underinsured claim against her insurance company. However, her insurance company maintained that she was fully compensated by the drunk driver’s insurance and offered nothing.  

Attorney Derry recommended she file a lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit, the insurance company agreed to settle without a trial and paid an additional $70,000 in addition to the money she recovered from the drunk driver’s insurance company.