$52,500 Settlement After Insurance Tried to Claim Injury Was Pre-Existing

We represented a woman who was injured in Chilton, WI when another vehicle ran a stop sign and struck the drivers side of her vehicle. As a result of the accident, she suffered right foot injuries and right knee injuries. Our client had a longstanding history of problems with both knees before the accident. In fact, she had undergone partial knee replacement surgeries for both knees before the accident. The patella in the right knee was loosened as a result of the car accident and required revision surgery.

The insurance company would not agree to pay any bills related to her new injury to the right knee and revision surgery. They argued that it was a continuation of the longstanding knee problems our client already had. As a result, they offered about $17,000 to settle the case. Attorney Rob Domol filed a lawsuit and proved through doctor testimony that the right knee revision surgery was related to the car accident. The insurance company agreed to pay $52,500 at mediation – this included all the bills for the right knee surgery.