$14,500 settled for a case of two cars in a rear collision accident

On March 8, 2016, our client was driving her vehicle westbound on Silver Spring Drive in Milwaukee when she was rear-ended. Immediately after the accident, she complained of pain in her right lower abdomen. This was in an area around where her kidneys were located. This was extremely concerning for our client, as only two years earlier, she had a kidney transplant.  

 At the hospital, she went through a battery of tests to check for damage to her kidney. Fortunately, doctors could not find any damage to the kidney. As a precaution, our client had to follow up with her doctor two times over the next month to check on the function of the kidney.  

 Although there was never any diagnosis of an injury to the kidney, Attorney Thomas Perlberg was able to argue to the insurance company that our client had suffered unnecessary stress and worry about damage to her kidney.  Initially, the insurance company offered to pay our client’s  medical bills and $494 for pain in suffering. The case ultimately resolved, without going to court, with our client getting her medical bills paid and receiving more than $14,000 in pain and suffering.