Hupy and Abraham’s client was out running errands on a winter day in Milwaukee.  As he cruised down Villard Avenue, he tried to park in front of a business. As he attempted to back into the parking space, his vehicle was struck by a careless driver traveling on Villard Avenue.

The other driver told his insurance company that our client was exiting the parking space at the time of the accident. Based on that testimony, they denied our client’s claim. Hupy and Abraham filed a lawsuit, but the opposing insurance company filed for bankruptcy and ceased operation shortly after. Our client had no insurance of his own.  

In this unique situation, Attorney Thomas Perlberg presented the claim to the Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund.  Initially, they also denied the claim but Attorney Perlberg did not take no for an answer. He convinced them that our client deserved to be compensated. Where other law firms may have dropped the case, Hupy and Abraham fought to make things right for our client.