Our client was involved in a multicar accident after being rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle

Our client was involved in a multicar accident after being rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle. He suffered a hip labral tear and an aggravation of pre-existing neck pain.  

The client was already being treated with physical therapy for neck pain caused by a past work injury. On the day of his accident, he had a physical therapy visit and reported that his neck pain was already an eight out of 10 before the accident occurred. 

After the accident, the client had to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair his labral tear and a fusion surgery in his neck to treat his now worsened neck pain. He incurred significant medical bills and thousands of dollars in lost earnings. Attorney Todd Korb was able to get the case settled shortly after filing a lawsuit for $1,000,000 by obtaining the defendant’s policy limits. He also convinced the health insurers to waive their subrogation liens entirely. With the addition of his med pay policy, Attorney Korb helped the client walk away with significantly more money in his pocket.