Whether you have just bought a motorcycle, are thinking about taking a ride with someone, or you are visiting Iowa, you might be wondering if you need to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding a motorcycle on I-80 or on any other road between Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. 

While there is no mandatory motorcycle helmet law in Iowa, it is always a good idea to wear a motorcycle helmet. You should think about the type of protection you would want to have in the event of a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, there isn’t much protecting you on a motorcycle, and studies have indicated that motorcycle helmets can significantly reduce injuries and deaths in motorcycle wrecks.

If you were involved and injured in a motorcycle accident, regardless of whether you were wearing a helmet, you may have the right to make a financial recovery. Find out about your rights and make sure your interests are protected by calling Hupy and Abraham. You will be provided with a free consultation simply by calling 800.800.5678 or reaching us online at

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