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As a service to the local communities in Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin, our Midwest trial attorneys frequently post recent news regarding motor vehicle accidents, class action lawsuits, product recalls, current rider news and events, and more.

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  • Johnson & Johnson Faces Recalls, Citations & Plant Closures Johnson & Johnson is in more trouble over quality control issues. The pharmaceutical giant has faced multiple recalls due to possible dangerous contamination.
  • Hip Replacement Recalls Affect Wisconsin Though recall news involving any drug or device can be upsetting, when the recall involves a hip joint the prospect is downright frightening. Will you need additional surgeries? Will your hip fail, causing undo pain and medical procedures? Thousands in Wisconsin and across the U.S. will be affected by recent hip replacement recalls. Read on to learn more about the current hip replacement part recall.
  • Wisconsin Affected by Massive Infusion Pump Recalls The FDA has recently announced a rash of recalls over medical devices. The latest, a serious class 1 recall, involves the Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump. This pump, and others like it, have been responsible for over 700 deaths and innumerable injuries over the past five years. If you have lost a loved one after an infusion pump failure you are not alone. Contact your Milwaukee, Wis. class action attorney at Hupy and Abraham today. Together we will be heard
  • FDA Takes a Closer Look at Defibrillators in Wisconsin, Nationwide Though defibrillators can and do save thousands of lives a year, the FDA is concerned that the steady stream of recalls, involving hundreds of thousands of devices, indicates a serious problem. The FDA has conducted 68 recalls since January, 2005. If you believe that a faulty defibrillator caused the injury or death of a loved one there may be something you can do about it.
  • Diet Drug Meridia Found to Increase Heart Attack Risk Many are calling for the FDA to take a prescription diet drug off of the market immediately.
  • Despite Heart Risks Avandia Will Remain on the Market Avandia, a once popular prescription diabetes drug, will stay on the market for now. The FDA has voted to allow the drug, believed to increase the risk of heart attack in some of its users, to continue to be prescribed. However, the panel will add stronger warning labels to the drugs’ packaging and possibly restrict the use of the drug.
  • FDA Adds Liver Injury Warnings to Drugs Alli and Xenical After a study into claims that the weight loss drugs Alli and Xenical may cause severe liver injury the FDA has added new warnings to the labels for the drugs. Both drugs contain the same active ingredient, orlistat. Alli contains a lower dose and can be bought over the counter while Xenical is available by prescription only.
  • Avandia Under Scrutiny After Link to Heart Failure, Death Researchers are asking the FDA to delay or call off clinical trials of the drug rosiglitazone, or Avandia.
  • Drug Recall Affects Patients in Milwaukee and Beyond A prescription drug recall of Cleviprex injectable emulsion is in effect. The drug manufacturer, Medicines Company, has issued and expanded on its voluntary recall. The drug has been found to have visible particles of stainless steel. If injected the affected blood pressure medication could reduce blood flow in capillaries and cause internal damage.
  • Heparin Blamed in Loss of Limb | Milwaukee WI Class Action Attorney The blood thinner, heparin, has been recalled and has now been given a new warning label. However, patients are still lining up, protesting the use of the drug and claiming that the drug lead to serious health complications. If you have been affected after being given heparin or you have lost a loved one who was administered the drug please contact us today. At Hupy and Abraham we have stood up to and won huge claims against pharmaceutical companies. Please call 1.800.800.5678 today for your free consultation.