Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Quick tips to winterize your motorcycle

We all know we should winterize our bikes... but it can be easy to put it off a bit too long, making the situation worse for ourselves when the snow finally does thaw.

Check out these quick tips below for a review of just how easy it is to winterize!

  1. Stabilizer: Add stabilizer to a full tank of fuel to ensure your bike is protected against the effects of rotting gas.
  2. Battery care: Either attach a battery tender, or if your bike is stored in a cold location, remove the battery entirely and transport it to a warm dry place and charge to full on a trickle charger every two to four weeks.
  3. Oil and filter change: A fresh change, especially if more than one season old, will help ensure your bike is in top shape for spring.
  4. Store: Inflate your tires fully or put your bike on its center stand.

For more great tips, check out our Behind the Handlebars video channel where we even have a step-by-step video guide to motorcycle winterization!  

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