Posted on Jan 30, 2015

By Drew Doc Webb

Some on the outside of the rider circles may think we hibernate just like bears in the woods, building up our fat reserves from feasting on brats, burgers and barbecue at all those summer and fall rallies while slipping into a deep sleep anticipating the spring awakening. Of course not, we’re not like bears. Most of us live normal lives as we go to work, celebrate the holidays with our families, go to movie theaters, and watch sports. We also visit dealerships that are busy with retail sales and displaying the new motorcycles for the public to look at and plan for the upcoming riding season.

Drew Doc Webb Cartoon ImageIf you’re a H.O.G. member, you may be involved with planning poker runs and annual charity events for the spring, summer and fall rides.  Most riders I know work hard all winter to prepare for the upcoming riding season to go on road trips and maybe to add some new accessories on their motorcycles. The world of motorcycling in most states depends on us to spend our hard-earned dollars during the season for hotels, meals, vendor purchases and attending rallies. So preparing for this takes time and money. What better time to do so than winter?

Remember to plan ahead and always stay on top of your motorcycle maintenance because the dealerships are always busy starting in spring. One last reminder that riders should do during the winter is to review your insurance policy before the riding season starts. This is a good time to make sure you have all your coverage such as collision, liability, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist. Protect yourself and your loved ones this season and celebrate the end of hibernation.

Stay safe and ride free!