Posted on Aug 01, 2018

Harley's Livewire

Buzz about Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle, the “LiveWire,” has been around for years. Slow updates and speculations have trickled through to eager fans, but now more than ever, it’s clear that the industry giant has thrown its weight behind this motorcycle and other future models!

Harlley's Livewire


The LiveWire is just the first of several electric motorcycles to come out on Harley-Davidson’s new platform. This clutchless “twist-and-go” platform model is set now to be launched in 2019, paving the way for additional models to drop in 2022.


Harley is hopeful that its inclusion of an electric line and additional alternative designs will inspire new and younger riders to swing a leg over the saddle. Some of the more surprising releases from the company include intentions to launch their first Adventure Touring model (the “Pan American”) and a Streetfighter model by 2020.  Additional electric prototypes include a lighter, sportier urban model and what looks to be a smaller, potentially scooter-sized urban commuter.


Per CEO Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson is a company that “has never been static,” and these innovations reflect the inventive and persistent spirit of the founders in 1903. According to Levatich, the plan will “redefine existing boundaries” of the brand, and is part of the company’s “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” worldwide growth plan.


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