Posted on Sep 24, 2013

On October 6, 2013 Tim Hoelter will explain the inner workings of the deal that brought Harley-Davidson from the brink of collapse to the pinnacle of success in a special presentation at Pallas Restaurant in West Allis, Wisconsin.

At the time, a close knit group of Harley-Davidson executives were looking for a way to save the company from bankruptcy by engineering a buy back from AMF, Inc.  which purchased Harley-Davidson as an investment, but refused to invest in research and development while ignoring quality control concerns. Tim was an outsider, so to speak, coming to the company from a law firm that represented both Harley-Davidson and parent AMF Incorporated. He quit the law firm and invested his life savings into Harley to become a 4% equity owner.

The story from that point can only be told by Tim himself, as he unwinds the story of recession, trademark infringements, Asian competition and overcoming the stigma of an AMF induced question of product quality disintegration.

Learn from Tim's 30 year association with Harley-Davidson, the secrets and back room dealings that brought the company back to prominence. This special free presentation will take place at Pallas Restaurant, 1657 S. 108th Street (Hwy. 100, just south of Greenfield Ave.), in West Allis, Wisconsin. Come join area motorcyclists in watching the Packers vs Detroit Lions, starting at noon on October 6, with special performances at half-time by musician and movie producer Michael Anthony Jones. Jones will perform some of his classic original rider songs like "Yesterday-1903" and more. After the game, Tim Hoelter will take center stage around 3:30pm to present his dynamic story of this extraordinary account of how a handful of men risked everything to fullfill their dream.

After Tim's account of the Harley-Davidson success story, Michael Anthony Jones will reveal his next movie, The Legend which is a tale of a father's love for his son and Harley-Davidson. This is a must see program from start to finish. If you can't join us for the whole game, please plan on attending from half-time in order to be a part of this momentous occasion.

Noon:  Pallas Restaurant, 1657 S. 108th, West Allis, Wisconsin

          Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

          Half-time performance by Michael Anthony Jones

          3:30 pm Tom Hoelter presents, The Inside Track of the Harley-Davidson Phenomena

         Immediately followed by the announcement of the new movie, "The Legend" by Michael Anthony Jones


"The presentation was fantastic and the subject was captivating."  - Attorney Michael Hupy, who saw a previous presentation.