Posted on Mar 12, 2015

By Drew Doc Webb

Spring is in the air with temperatures rising and melting snow that triggers our anticipation to ride. With this thought and feeling coming out of hibernation, we tend to forget about important safety concerns. The die-hard rider will ride no matter what the spring conditions are like. What can you expect on early rides this time of year?

Drew Webb on motorcycle

Most of you know that there is a danger with black ice formed by condensation and melting snow that refreezes in the early morning and late evening hours. This is hard to spot even with the most experienced riders. If you are involved in an accident, there could be very serious injuries. This type of accident is considered at fault for you. Your city, state and municipalities are not responsible for black ice on the roads. It is impossible to maintain this hazard on a normal basis with salt trucks on duty just for this purpose.

Potholes are another hazard that are your responsibility to watch for when you are riding. These potholes range in different sizes and depths that occur during the course of the winter and throughout the year. Yes, the city, state and municipalities are responsible to fix them with tax dollars during the course of the year. They get many complaints, but they cannot repair them all at once. Some riders will get upset when this happens and don’t know what to do. You should know your roads well in advance of riding, and if you are riding in unfamiliar territory, look up the road conditions. This is common sense awareness and you are responsible for your own lookout.

My last point is a very important one regarding road construction which is ongoing most of the year and increases when warmer weather happens. Contracted construction firms are responsible and accountable for the proper signage for safety when in progress. Pay attention to all construction warnings that include lane deviation and speed limit warnings. This is very important to save your life and avoid serious injuries. Remember, you are riding with a lot of impatient drivers that will make bad decisions at the worst times, mostly in rush hour or congested areas. Drivers are texting, eating, and don’t forget the road rage that you may encounter. Watch for loose gravel, oil and trucks entering and leaving these construction zones.

We lose a lot of riders each year due to these conditions. Be aware and be safe of all of these hazards this riding season. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. will continue to educate the public that we are on the roads and to “Watch for Motorcycles!”