Posted on Mar 31, 2012

A Department of Natural Resources State Park ranger has been accused by prosecutors of excessively threatening a motorcycle driver with a gun at the entrance of Yellowstone Lake State Park in Blanchardville, Wisconsin. The incident occurred in 2011, and the case is ongoing. 

Bernard Mark Garvey of Argyle, Wisconsin has been charged with a misdemeanor for endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon. 

According to a criminal complaint filed by those investigating the case, motorcyclist Michael Parrot reportedly drove into Yellowstone Lake State Park in June without a sticker pass on his motorcycle. There seems to have been some conflict over the absence of a pass, which resulted in an altercation over the motorcycle keys with Park Ranger Garvey. 

Park Ranger Garvey managed to place Parrott in handcuffs following the scuffle, but Parrot swung his hands from behind his back to in front of his body. According to Parrott’s report to authorities, it was at that point that Garvey held his gun barrel to Parrott’s helmet in a forceful and threatening manner, telling Parrott, “Give me a reason.” 

Bernard Garvey, according to online court records, has not hired an attorney. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Spokesman Bill Cosh has stated that Garvey is no longer a law enforcement official as of August 2011.

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