Posted on Sep 30, 2014

A Short story by Drew (Doc) Webb

(Read Part One Here)

I had just left Big Horn Canyon National Park and was en route to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The historic city of Cody, Wyoming was my next stop on my journey. Founded in 1901, Cody is located 52 miles from Yellowstone’s east entrance. Cody was founded by Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody who traveled through the region in the 1870s. The rich history flowed through my veins as I imagined myself on a horse and pulling a pack mule. The only difference was that I was riding a steel horse with my supplies on the back rolling down Highway 14A and would arrive a lot sooner than later.

Yellowstone River
A beautiful view of Yellowstone River.

As I was riding, I noticed other riders in my rearview mirror catching up to me. As the group of riders passed me, they gave me the thumbs-up as they saw the Hupy and Abraham, S.C. WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES sticker on my tour pack.

I thought traveling alone might be boring and somewhat risky without a riding partner. My wife, Michelle, was at home and could not join me this time. I know she was concerned about my safety. I had plenty of scenery to enjoy and the occasional cellphone calls back to her kept me focused with mapped-out locations and rest destinations, so there was some idea where I would be if she had not heard back from me. My lone wolf mentality and knowing I could arrive and leave when I wanted were refreshing. I didn’t have to compromise with anyone else. I arrived in Cody and had a nice brunch at a local family restaurant. I didn’t waste a lot of time and started the 52-mile ride to Yellowstone. 

As I was about to enter Yellowstone National Park, I pulled over to take in the view and adjusted my pillow I had rigged in my travel pack that was mounted on the back seat of my motorcycle. It was comfortable to lean back on the long ride during my trip. As I rode into the park, the scenery was gorgeous and unspoiled.  The day was hot and sunny that afternoon. I made several short stops to take photos of buffalo and the surrounding landscape which included Yellowstone Lake and Old Faithful. I knew I had to keep moving to make it through the park and on to the Grand Tetons. My final destination would be Pine Bluff, Wyoming, which is southeast of Jackson Hole. There was so much to take in that you cannot get through the entire park in one day. After riding 3 hours through the park, I arrived at Old Faithful.

Drew (Doc) Webb's motorcycle displaying Hupy and Abraham, S.C.'s "Watch For Motorcycles" bumper sticker.

I met some other riders in the parking lot and they asked where I was from and noticed the WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLE bumper stickers. I explained that I worked for Hupy and Abraham, S.C. in Milwaukee and this law firm represents injured riders that were involved in accidents.

After giving the riders some bumper stickers, I went to wait for Old Faithful.  I had to wait about 90 minutes before it gushed 130 feet into the air. What a rush while everyone cheered on. It was an awesome sight to behold. That really made the trip for me.

I made it back home safely in the next three days rounding my trip to 3,280 miles. The journey for me still continues as I plan the next series of trips to tell more tales while riding in the wind.