Posted on Oct 22, 2013

Know the Rules When Driving Through Iowa Work Zones

Although Iowa isn’t known as a heavy traffic state, did you know that annual traffic on Iowa highways has increased more than 35 percent over the past ten years? As traffic increases, roads wear down more quickly which requires more and more construction work.

With that in mind, it’s important for Iowa drivers to know the rules so the road can be safe for motorists and construction workers alike. Approximately 500 Iowa work zone accidents occur annually and they can be avoided if drivers are more cautious.

In Iowa, all moving vehicle violation fines, not just speeding, are doubled and can go as high as $1,000 if the violation occurs in a work zone. Just like in Illinois, workers do not need to be present for fines to double but the law does require a sign be present notifying drivers that they are in a work zone.

But if you’re crossing the border from Iowa into Wisconsin, be aware that the law reverses as Wisconsin requires workers to be present and no sign for the enhanced penalties to apply. It’s also important to understand that a “Road Work Ahead” sign marks the beginning of a construction zone. So it’s not a good idea to speed past a “Road Work Ahead” sign with the intention of slowing down later on.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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