Posted on Nov 21, 2014

By Drew "Doc" Webb

Even though my motorcycle is resting for winter, I’m contemplating my next major ride for the summer of 2015. This is the time of year when I plan the big vacation ride of the year and make sure I have enough time to complete it with planning how much time off I will need from work. This includes financial planning, accommodations, and tourist attractions that branch off of my main destination. The most important part of my planning is to make sure my motorcycle is ready. There are riders who trailer their motorcycles and riders who just get on their bikes and ride. Which one are you?

Drew DocI prefer to saddle up my steel horse and ride because it is all about the ride to me. It may be a long hot ride with inclement weather like rainstorms or hail. Yes, even hail in the summer months may occur in places like South Dakota for this year’s 75th Annual run. I haven’t been there since 2012, and anticipate the Sturgis destination will be on my list. There is so much to prepare for any trip such as bringing along the right gear which may include all your riding gear, depending on where you are headed. Some riders are overprepared and overloaded. Make sure you read your owner’s manual for load capacities with or without a passenger. This is important to make sure there are no risks or dangers while riding. On the other hand, there are some riders who are not prepared for any riding conditions. I refer to those who are not prepared as no rain gear, no extra clothing, no extra riders. They most likely will buy what they need at full price as the trip goes on.

In our great state of Wisconsin, we have many poker runs and yearly bike rallies such as the Milwaukee Rally during Labor Day weekend and shortly after that, the Tomahawk Fall Ride classic is always a fun event. Hupy and Abraham is present in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa to answer your questions at these rallies. Plus, there’s the knowledge and experience of representing thousands of riders, more than any other law firm in the Midwest.  So let me know in the comment section of this article on Facebook where you’re going this summer and as riders always say to each other for good luck, “Rubber Side Down.”