Posted on Sep 02, 2009
Posted 1/5/2009

A young inventor has created a motorbike with a twist -- it uses two wheels but they are positioned right next to each other, giving it the illusion of being a powered unicycle. And even better, it might help save the planet.

Man riding motorized unicycle

Ben Gulak has spent several years building the electric Uno that uses gyroscopic technology, like the infamous Segway commuter device, to stay upright. The bizarre-looking contraption has only one switch -- on or off -- and is controlled entirely by body movement. The rider leans forwards to accelerate to speeds of 25 mph and back to slow down. It has two wheels side-by-side and has been turning heads wherever it has been ridden.

Ben Gulak with his electric Uno

Ben Gulak designed the Uno himself with the help of a simple 3-D program. The green machine is so small and light it can be taken indoors and carried into elevators and is recharged by being plugged into the electric outlets in walls.

The wheels are completely independent, allowing the bike to turn on a dime and the technology takes the balance and guesswork out of riding a unicycle. Its 18-year old creator is now looking for investors to get the Uno into production and onto the streets