Posted on Sep 28, 2015

Lit up jack o laternHalloween is almost here!  But while we look forward to the tricks and treats, true scares involving loved ones can ruin the holiday. Trick-or-treating and holiday parties can be stressful for those with young children and pets, but a few simple precautions can still keep the evening safe and spooky. The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. have compiled the following Halloween safety tips to help you keep your family safe while enjoying the Halloween festivities this year.

· Costume safety: For kids trick-or-treating in the dark, ensure Halloween costumes are reflective and warm enough given the weather that night. Be sure not to obstruct vision with masks or wigs. Instead, consider opting for nontoxic costume makeup. Avoid ill-fitting costumes that could pose breathing or choking hazards. As well, never put pets into a costume they don’t love.

· Halloween at home: Jack-o’-lanterns and holiday decorations should be illuminated with devices other than flames, and kept away from kids and pets. Check decorations, lights, and costumes for loose pieces that can pose choking hazards. Always supervise the carving of pumpkins, or for young children, try a painted pumpkin to avoid the mess of carving altogether.

· Candy concerns: Consider handing out healthy alternatives to candy or fun trinkets like stickers and other Halloween-themed treats. Feeding kids a full meal before trick-or-treating helps to prevent them from filling up on sweets. Also, remember to teach kids the importance of letting an adult check their candy before eating it.

· Protecting pets: Your beloved pets will be safest in a separate room of the house, away from the main door. The appearance of new people in strange clothes is often frightening and stressful for many cats and dogs, which could potentially bite or run out the door. Unfortunately, animals like black cats are often the target of mistreatment on Halloween from cruel individuals, so do your best to keep your pets indoors on Halloween.

· Out-and-about etiquette: Before the kids go out trick-or-treating, teach them to be considerate of their neighbors by only knocking on doors with lights on. Make sure that those going out without supervision stick to a predecided route and check in regularly. Discourage teens from driving on Halloween. There are too many hazards and distractions for inexperienced drivers.

Halloween is a frightfully fun holiday, and taking a few simple precautions to maintain safe and fun traditions makes all the difference. All of us at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. anticipate a safe Halloween in Milwaukee this year. But, if for some reason you or a loved one are injured this Halloween, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys for a free consultation on our 24-hour accident hotline at 800-800-5678.