Posted on Nov 13, 2017


For decades, the law firm of Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has been a proud supporter of both protecting riders' rights and spreading the "Watch for Motorcycles" message. This year, however, Hupy and Abraham is not only protecting riders, but the environment!

ABATE Acres is a piece of land in Greenwood, Wisconsin, that is common ground for ABATE of Wisconsin members to meet, celebrate and relax. ABATE Acres was a longtime vision of ABATE, and a project that Hupy and Abraham has strongly supported for years. As of 2016, and with the help of donors like Hupy and Abraham, ABATE Acres was fully paid off! Now, to help further the development of the land and protection of the environment, Hupy and Abraham has donated an additional $500 to purchase five autumn blaze maple trees for the land.

These trees are an important part of preserving and protecting ABATE Acres. Ranging from 10-12 feet tall, they are insect and disease-resistant, hardy, low maintenance and sport brilliant fall foliage, ensuring that the land is enjoyed by ABATE members for years to come. Additionally, each tree comes with a plaque that displays the name of each tree sponsor, a recognition that Hupy and Abraham is honored to have.

Hupy and Abraham has been a proud defender of not only bikers’ rights, but the “Watch For Motorcycles” awareness message for over 50 years. To be a part of promoting the message, or to stay up to date on the latest motorcycle news and events across Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa -- click the link here!