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Get the Correct Message: May is Motorcycle Awareness Month


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Posted on Apr 25, 2018

May is the traditional start of the motorcycle riding season for many states, and Hupy and Abraham, S.C. wants to remind all motorists to Watch for Motorcycles.  Watch For Motorcycles

Different media outlets, and even some motorcyclist’s rights organizations, diminish this message by including the word “safety” in the heading of stories about awareness month.  To motorcyclists, safety is at the forefront of every month and every day.  Designating May as awareness month is a reminder to motorists that motorcycles are back on the roads and they should be aware of our presence. After a long winter season, car and truck drivers are not used to seeing motorcycles on the roadways, and we want them to be aware, look twice at intersections and before making turns and to share the road with us.

Some of this confusion stems from several Department of Transportation suggestions that May is motorcycle safety and awareness month, but motorcyclist’s rights organizations have pointed out the error in that pronouncement and convinced governors to properly word official proclamations, like in Wisconsin, proclaiming May as Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Motorcycle Awareness Month Wisconsin Proclamation Motorcycle Awareness Month

Working in conjunction with motorcyclist’s rights groups, Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has distributed over 100,000 free bumper stickers reminding motorists to Watch for Motorcycles. In addition, millions of drivers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa will see our many billboards on major highways promoting our “Watch” campaign.  Together, we can make our roads safer for everyone. Safety is everybody’s responsibility and awareness of motorcycles on the roads is an especially important message in the month of May.

                                Watch For Motorcycles

Share The Road With Motorcycles Share The Road With Motorcycles


Tony Sanfelipo
Senior Motorcycle Accident Investigator

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Get Your FREE Red "Watch For Motorcycles" Sticker

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Order Your Free “Watch For Motorcycles” Sticker – Black Vintage Style

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